Topics covered in this chapter include:

- What can the science of psychology contribute to our understanding of art?
- What do we mean by 'art'?
- Isms in art.

Recommended readings

Recent research on how visitors view art in galleries can be found in Carbon (2017).

An introduction to Gustav Fechner’s psychophysical methods can be found at this website

Some of the most common myths in folk psychology are described in Lilienfeld et al. (2010).
To access the article by Alva Noe that is quoted in the chapter, go to Alva Noe (2011).

Grayson Perry’s book in 2014 was based on his series of BBC Reith Lectures. It is a highly entertaining and informative read. You can listen to the lectures themselves online

To read about the presentation styles used in the exhibition of African art at the Centre for African Art in New York in 1988, and their effects on visitors, go to Faris (1988).

A detailed academic history of the Hawthorne effect in psychology can be read at this website

Little (2004) is an informative, brief guide to the major -isms in visual art.

Hampton (2012) has a good review of the psychology of concepts.

To read an accessible, brief history of Western art, see Kemp (2014).

Additional material

New material will appear here as I find it.