Topics covered in this chapter include:

- The psychology of creativity
- Beyond creativity: Parallels between artists and scientists

Recommended readings

The original version of Arno Minkkinen's allegorical story about finding an artistic vision can be read here.

Margaret Boden's vision of creativity was published in Boden (2010).

Research on the links between creativity and intelligence was reported in Jauk et al. (2013) and Feist (1998).

A neuroimaging study of creativity was published in Pidgeon (2016).

Elgammal et al. (2017) describe a deep neural network that is claimed to simulate artistic creativity.

Marcus de Sautoy discusses Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches to creativity in his book The Creativity Code and in this video.

'Outsider' scientists are discussed by Harman and Dietrich (2013).

Additional material

New material will appear here as I find it.